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The swirl gear changes speed during rotation.
  High efficiency !

What is a swirl gear

Swirl gear can obtain unequal speed rotation output It is a special shape gear. Normal gears are used to transmit power. It has a variety of shapes, depending on the magnitude of power It is used to adjust the speed. The obtained output keeps a constant speed.
Swirl gear gets faster or late in the middle of one revolution It will change.

The logarithmic helix equation

This gear combines two kinds on the input side and two kinds of gears on the output side.
To reduce the impact when the speed changes, use the logarithmic helix equation to determine the contact point.
This will make the gear change smoothly.


Swirl gear can be applied to develop efficient engines.
The past engine of the car used a piston. However, a complicated mechanism was required to convert the vertical motion into the rotary motion, and the energy loss was also large.
FAN rotor is a simple, energy efficient mechanism that does not require a piston.


Large and Small Gear
Middle Gear

Fan Rotor

When will all be replaced with green energy?

Green energy that does not emit renewable carbon dioxide also has challenges.
that is, In the case of solar cells, the energy density is low, so a large large land is needed and it is also dependent on the weather. It can not generate electricity anywhere. The generation of green energy also requires cost.

There are more than Billion cars all over the world.!!!

Do you say that you wait until all cars turn into electric cars?
I think about waiting time. I guess there is something I can do. I have used these old mechanisms without any doubt. It may be natural that he may have assumed that there is nothing more innovative.
But Even if it is a little 1% or so, I think that it is worth developing it.